Negotiating a financial settlement following a relationship breakdown is a skilled and complex task. There is no set formula for an asset  split, spousal maintenance  and child support and each case will be resolved depending on its own facts and figures. The law is ever  evolving in its interpretation and  application but it will come down to one simple question. What is a fair split for this particular couple and  their children? How much do they  both reasonably need going forward and how should the income and assets be fairly shared between  them?

There is also the issue as to whether certain types of assets are considered matrimonial or non matrimonial. This can have a huge impact  upon the matrimonial pot.

If you are unable to agree the distribution of finances we can help from negotiations through to reaching agreement and most importantly,  ensuring that agreement is embodied into a court order to give you protection against any future claims.

For those that have managed to reach agreement we can ensure you end up with a court order reflecting that agreement and leaving you  risk free from potential future claims.

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